Basics: Stand in the right place

by Kyle
published May 30, 2015


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I like darts. It is a simple game and it’s a lot of fun to play. But, I am really just not that good.

I recently improved my game dramatically, however. I learned how to stand in the right place.

Doesn’t that sound basic? Standing in a straight line with the center of the target doesn’t seem revolutionary, but the results don’t lie. I’ve thrown some of the best games of my life recently because I got something very basic right.

The Christian life is much the same way.

Eternal life begins the moment people trust Jesus’ death on the cross as payment for the penalty of their sins, his resurrection from the dead as assurance of our lives and proof of his deity, and in his promise of eternal life to all who believe. But what does the new Christian do after that? God’s word makes such bold promises to believers, but so few Christians live out the kind of life the Bible promises is available to them. Then they wonder why their life doesn’t look any different from that of their unbelieving friends and neighbors.

They aren’t standing in a straight line with the target. They aren’t keeping their arms straight as they throw. They aren’t aiming. They aren’t keeping the rest of their bodies still. They haven’t mastered the basics.

Just like the novice dart player can hit a bull’s-eye from time to time, the immature Christian can do amazing things occasionally. But, we don’t have any reasonable expectation of doing great things for God until we’ve mastered the basics.

There are at least seven basic behaviors and habits Christians must faithfully engage in before we can reasonably expect God to begin to work in big ways. God typically does not work in big ways in our lives until he has already begun to work in small ways in our hearts.


This is not the same as “read your Bible.” Simply reading your Bible like any other book is not helpful because the Bible is not any other book.

Don’t treat it that way. Instead, struggle with each word. More fruit can be gained from struggling with 10 words than just skimming 10 verses or chapters.

Struggling with scripture means that the reader grapples with every jot and tittle.

Don’t move on until you understand. Look up another translation. Search the Internet for a decent commentary. Talk it over with a friend. Call a pastor. Never give up on understanding. God wants to reveal himself.


This is not the same as “pray.” “Pray” seems flippant. When we pray, we tend to make out a honey-do list for God. If we pray the same way we breathe, our lives begin to be lived in relation to God. We view God in a way deeper than our cosmic valet. Rather, we can see him as Father, co-worker, friend, savior and king all at once.


Treat God like he is ultimately worthy. Give him your life, your body, your time and everything your are and have. Sing to him because he likes it. Serve him because it pleases him. Spend time praising him because he deserves it.


Parents know this intuitively: the best way to show them love is to love their children. God is the same way. Love the people God loves and you will be loving God.


God has given believers to each other. Collectively, all believers are the universal church. God has chosen the universal church to be his primary dispenser of grace in this age. It’s why his word calls the church the body of Christ. Be in fellowship with his people in this body.


God gives to all people freely. He gives richly even to people who do not deserve it. God also respects and blesses those who follow his example and emulate his character. He created humans to do so. It is good for you as it is for other people.


You received it freely in the first place. There is nothing better which can be given. Share the message of life — the gospel — with a dying world that desperately needs it.

Imagine not only your life filled with these basics, but the lives of every believer in Jesus in our city filled with these habits and behaviors. This is how God accomplishes revival. It’s how he heals the world, and he invites you to join him. Square up to the target, keep your elbow straight and fire.

What do you think?

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